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PARKING NOTICE UPDATE: JAN Long-Term Lot is open. Spaces in the Surface Lot and Garage are also available.

Accessibility Services at Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport (JAN)

Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport is committed to ensuring all passengers have a pleasant experience during their transition through the airport. We strive to provide services that make travel easier for our customers with disabilities, from the parking facilities to gates and back to parking. As with all passengers, a smooth travel experience begins before coming to the airport.

It starts when booking your flight.

Let the airline know what special help you may need, such as assistance unloading at the departure curb, wheelchair assistance to your departure gate, wheelchair assistance at your destination, or checking bags.

Please contact your airline in advance if you are not a passenger but need to assist a small child or person with disabilities to their departure gate.

ADA Grievance Procedure and Form, Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request

In accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, it is the intention of the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport to provide access to all public facilities, programs and services associated with its operation of Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport to all persons with disabilities.

Parking Accommodations

Accessible parking spaces are located on all levels of parking garage near the elevators in Parking Garage.

Surface Parking Lot behind the Parking Garage has accessible parking spaces are located directly behind the Parking Garage.

Long Term Parking Lot has accessible parking spaces adjacent to the entry gate.

All accessible parking spaces are identified with the appropriate signage.

Accessible Services

All public restrooms are accessible to the disabled.

Accessible Family Restrooms are located in Main terminal before the security checkpoint to west concourse, baggage claim area, west concourse and east concourse.  

An outdoor pet relief area is located outside Baggage Claim near east employee parking lot. Indoor pet relief areas are located post-security on the east and west concourses.

Tim’s Transportation, LLC provides 24-hour accessible transportation to and from the airport. 601/209-9766 is the telephone number for Tim’s Transportation, LLC.     

If you need special assistance, please call 601/939-5631. Assistance is available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.


Curbside Check-ins(Delta)

We encourage you to check your baggage at the Curbside Services on the Departure Level, park and get a ride back on us!

Free WiFi

Available in the main terminal area, restaurants, departure concourses, rental car check-in and baggage claim. Look for the signs offering Free WiFi.

  1. Set your wireless card to connect to the Jackson Wi-Fi network – “JMAA Wi-Fi”. For most operating systems, you’ll need to set your network identifier or SSID to “JMAA Wi-Fi”
  2. Launch your Internet browser and the system will re-direct you to a log-in portal. Review the User Agreement.
  3. Then click “Login”. You’re connected.

For further assistance to technical questions, call Wandering WiFi Customer Care at 877-WIFI-4-ME (877.943.4463).

Shops and Restaurants

Capital City Tavern

Jackson serves as the gateway to Mississippi as its capital city and we want to celebrate your city with our bar concept, Capital City Tavern. Through specialty cocktails, beers, artwork, and historical photos surrounding you, the Tavern pays tribute to this great city. Jackson has been the capital of Mississippi since 1821 and is nestled on the Pearl River, serving as the crossroads for the state where art, music, and higher education have thrived. Jackson is a culturally rich travel destination and we want to welcome them with the unique flavors of the city. So, grab a seat at a table or pull up a stool at the bar, chat with our bartenders and taste what Jackson has to offer.

Restaurant is currently closed due to COVID-19

Cup O’ Joe

Cup O’ Joe is more than a hot cup of coffee for your 6 am flight – it is our way of wishing you safe travels and welcoming you home upon your return.  As a full-service coffee venue with hot to order and cold grab-n-go options, Cup O’ Joe provides what you need to ease the challenge of travelling while reminding you of home. We have sourced our coffee from your local Thunderhead Coffee and paired it with fresh baked goods and confectionery delights prepared by Jackson’s own La Brioche Patisserie. Not all coffee beans are created equal and we are as addicted with Thunderhead as Jackson is. Whether it’s a black coffee, or a triple shot cappuccino, Cup O’ Joe will start your journey off on the right foot.

Restaurant is currently closed due to COVID-19

Located after the East Security Checkpoint

Open 90 minutes before first departure – last departure

Mississippi Blues & Tap

Mississippi is steeped in the heritage of Blues music, winding through the life and culture of Jackson like the Pearl River. There is no separating Jackson from the legendary heritage of music from the soul that was played in the bars, distilleries, and brew houses of Mississippi. At Mississippi Blues & Tap, you can experience the internationally famous heritage for yourself as you travel. Our tap room offers a full-service bar featuring an assortment of bottled and on-tap beer, providing local brews as well as other domestic and imported beers, spirits, and signature cocktails. The tap room also serves a variety of delicious foods and local specialty items

Restaurant is currently closed due to COVID-19

Farish Street Market

Inspired by the local heritage of Jackson, we are proud to open Farish Street Market as a fast and casual concession option to travelers at JAN.  Farish Street was once the commercial district here in Jackson and the heart of the African American community. The Farish Street Market at JAN proudly features Mississippi made products, paying homage to the bustling and diverse neighborhood it is named for. In addition, Farish Street market offers grab-n-go food & beverage items, delicious baked goods and pastries, and a full service coffee bar, all developed an atmosphere reminiscent of strolling in this local market.

Restaurant is currently closed due to COVID-19

Located after the West Security Checkpoint

Open 90 minutes before first departure – last departure

Hudson News

For over 30 years, Hudson Group has led the way and prides itself in knowing what matters in travel retail. As airports and transportation terminals have evolved, so has Hudson Group striving to bring sophistication and convenience to today’s traveler.  The Pearl River Marketplace is located on the 2nd level of the terminal outside of any security checkpoint.  Hudson News is located on the East and West Concourses post-checkpoint.

Located on the terminal before the checkpoint and East and West Concourses after the Security Checkpoints

Open 5:30 AM – 7:00 PM

*times may vary due to changes in the flight schedules