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Goal 1: Organizational

Be an Employer of Choice

  • Prioritize and Develop Human Capital
  • Clearly Communicate Roles, Responsibilities, and Employee Opportunities
  • Live Our Values
Goal 2: Financial

Fund Today and Tomorrow

  • Diversify and Increase Revenues from Non-Aeronautical Sources
  • Maintain a Stable and Strong Financial Position to Conserve Access to External Capital Funding
  • Develop and Implement a Strategic Funding Plan for Capital Asset Improvements and Management
  • Retain Current Businesses and Attract New Business Opportunities by Maintaining a Competitive Cost Structure
Goal 3: Customer Service

What We Put Into It, Our Community Gets Out Of It

  • Create A Communication Structure to Assess, Measure and Respond To Customer’s Requests And Recommendations
  • Create A Standard for Exceptional Customer Service Experiences
  • Promote Internal Customer Service Culture Within the Authority Itself
  • Identify and Provide Services to the Community
Goal 4: Air Service

Let’s Go National

  • Build Air Carrier Relationships to Retain Existing Service
  • Implement Air Service Development Plan for New Service
  • Leverage State of Mississippi Government Travel
  • Diversify and Expand Hawkins Field Businesses
Goal 5: Infrastructure

Looks New, Runs Well

  • Build and Maintain Facilities and Equipment that are Aesthetically Pleasing to and Comfortable for the Traveling Public
  • Build and Maintain Facilities and Equipment that are Compliant with Local, State and Federal Rules and Regulations
  • Forecast Capital Improvement Program Projects Using a Robust Capital Improvement Program System Addressing Priorities, Schedules and Funding
  • Ensure the Principles of Total Quality Management are Applied to all Capital and Maintenance Project Management Efforts
  • Increase Productivity and Improve Customer Experiences at JAN and HKS
  • Provide Facilities for Customers that are Safe, Secure, Efficient, Fully Functional, and Convenient
  • Establish Maintenance Standards that Ensures Maximum Life Cycle of Assets
Goal 6: Opportunities

Engage, Encourage and Support DBEs and Small Businesses

  • Create a Robust Outreach Program to Provide the Community with Information on Opportunities to Work with and for the Authority
  • Participate in Community and Government Based Education and Mentoring Programs
  • Serve as a Technical Resource for Small, Minority Women Owned, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
Goal 7: Safety

Plan, Prepare, Prevent, and Protect

  • Create a culture of safety.
  • Control and recognize hazards.
  • Safety performance operational excellence.
  • Identify, assess, and mitigate risks.