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Passengers please note, that due to construction, the only entrance on the upper level for departures is at the American Airlines’ sign. We apologize for the inconvenience as we make improvements.

Goal 1: Organizational

Be an Employer of Choice

  • Prioritize and Develop Human Capital
  • Clearly Communicate Roles, Responsibilities, and Employee Opportunities
  • Live Our Values

Goal 2: Financial

Fund Today and Tomorrow

  • Diversify and Increase Revenues from Non-Aeronautical Sources
  • Maintain a Stable and Strong Financial Position to Conserve Access to External Capital Funding
  • Develop and Implement a Strategic Funding Plan for Capital Asset Improvements and Management
  • Retain Current Businesses and Attract New Business Opportunities by Maintaining a Competitive Cost Structure

Goal 3: Customer Service

What We Put Into It, Our Community Gets Out Of It

  • Create A Communication Structure to Assess, Measure and Respond To Customer’s Requests And Recommendations
  • Create A Standard for Exceptional Customer Service Experiences
  • Promote Internal Customer Service Culture Within the Authority Itself
  • Identify and Provide Services to the Community

Goal 4: Air Service

Let’s Go National

  • Build Air Carrier Relationships to Retain Existing Service
  • Implement Air Service Development Plan for New Service
  • Leverage State of Mississippi Government Travel
  • Diversify and Expand Hawkins Field Businesses

Goal 5: Infrastructure

Looks New, Runs Well

  • Build and Maintain Facilities and Equipment that are Aesthetically Pleasing to and Comfortable for the Traveling Public
  • Build and Maintain Facilities and Equipment that are Compliant with Local, State and Federal Rules and Regulations
  • Forecast Capital Improvement Program Projects Using a Robust Capital Improvement Program System Addressing Priorities, Schedules and Funding
  • Ensure the Principles of Total Quality Management are Applied to all Capital and Maintenance Project Management Efforts
  • Increase Productivity and Improve Customer Experiences at JAN and HKS
  • Provide Facilities for Customers that are Safe, Secure, Efficient, Fully Functional, and Convenient
  • Establish Maintenance Standards that Ensures Maximum Life Cycle of Assets

Goal 6: Opportunities

Engage, Encourage and Support DBEs and Small Businesses

  • Create a Robust Outreach Program to Provide the Community with Information on Opportunities to Work with and for the Authority
  • Participate in Community and Government Based Education and Mentoring Programs
  • Serve as a Technical Resource for Small, Minority Women Owned, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

Goal 7: Safety

Plan, Prepare, Prevent, and Protect

  • Create a culture of safety.
  • Control and recognize hazards.
  • Safety performance operational excellence.
  • Identify, assess, and mitigate risks.