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The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority (JMAA) is pleased to receive your request for promotional signage to be displayed at the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport (JMWEIA). In order to approve your request and help to refine your choices we ask that you review the following information package and return the attached Promotional Materials Order Form at least three weeks prior to the date you are requesting
the materials be displayed.

Promotional materials will be displayed on a space available basis with preference given to non-profit, not-for-profit and community service organizations. Interior terminal area displays will generally be limited to seven calendar daysto accommodate multiple events. Roadway banners in support of community events may be displayed for longer periods at JMAA’s discretion.

Materials should be clear and concise and include event dates and locations. Lettering styles should be block letters using bold colors for legibility.

JMAA will provide mounting hardware for all displays and will oversee the installation of upright and roadway banners in addition to removal of materials. All other production costs and the installation of wall banners are the responsibility of the organization requesting the display(s). JMAA will store promotional materials for no more than 30 days following the scheduled display period. The organization requesting display or materials is responsible for
collection of materials after the display period. All promotional materials left with JMAA for more than 30 days will be disposed of by JMAA.


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