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Passengers please note, that due to construction, the only entrance on the upper level for departures is at the American Airlines’ sign. We apologize for the inconvenience as we make improvements.
Project NumberProject TitleLocationPhase
001-18Common Shared Use Passenger Processing System (C/SUPPS)
002-18Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Phase I & II
019-17On-Call Architectural ServicesJAN
020-17On-Call Engineering Services
001-17Security Checkpoint Reconfiguration
002-17Terminal Upgrades
003-17Rehabilitation of Runway 11-29
004-17Branding Services
005-17Landscape Design Services
011-17Upper Roadway RehabilitationJAN
012-17Rehabilitation of Taxiway Alpha and Taxiway Connectors Phase IIJAN
016-17New Enterprise Website Phase 1JMAAConstruction
017-17Maintenance Facility Roof ReplacementJAN
013-16Queue Monitoring SolutionJANConstruction
Consolidated Car Rental FacilityJANDesign
Runway 16R/34L and Taxiways Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Assessment and RepairJANDesign
Structured Cable SystemJANDesign
Terminal RenovationJANDesign
Exterior Lighting (garage, pole lighting) Assessment and EvaluationJANDesign
Roadway SignageJANDesign
Storm Water ImprovementsJANConstruction
Automated Access Control System UpgradeJANConstruction
Landscaping EnhancementsJANPlanning
South Parking Lot Re-pavement JANPlanning
International Drive Re-pavement JANPlanning
5th Floor Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) ReplacementJANPlanning
Upper Level Roadway RepairJANPlanning
Pavement Assessment and Overlay of Runway 16/34HKSDesign