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The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority’s (JMAA) Mission is to operate Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport and Hawkins Field Airport, and thereby connect its patrons to the worldwide intermodal transportation network.  Our Vision is to be a catalyst for community and economic development.  Sponsorships of community events, and advertisements help us to support these goals.  JMAA is committed to the community, region, and state that we serve and to develop partnerships and relationships that are mutually beneficial to all parties.

JMAA makes a concerted effort to respond and participate in sponsorship requests that match our mission and vision statements.  All requests for sponsorship must be submitted in writing via our sponsorship request form or by mail on company/organization letterhead with all information on the sponsorship request form provided.  Requests must be submitted in their entirety at least two months prior to sponsored activity or event, and thirty (30) business days for advertisements.

Criteria for Sponsorship or Advertisement Approval 

The JMAA Marketing & Communications Department will be responsible for evaluating all requests for sponsorship/advertisement and may request additional information if necessary.  JMAA reserves the right to change or revise criteria and guidelines as needed and without notice.  In order to adhere to our mission, JMAA has established the following criteria to ensure that the best sponsorship/advertisement decisions are made for the areas we serve.  Submitted requests will be reviewed and JMAA will respond to each request via e-mail.*

  • Advertisements must include information intended to: promote competition for services, and/or inform the public of new services, and/or increase public awareness of JMAA’s airports’ facilities, and/or increase passenger, air cargo, general aviation or development of related industry on airport property.
  • All advertisements must include specific information about JMAA’s airports and available services.
  • As a sponsor, JMAA will be recognized on all promotional materials, including but not limited to posters, fliers, programs, signage, print and broadcast advertising, press-releases and all marketing materials.
  • The appropriate logo of JMAA should be used at all times.
  • Proofs of printed or electronic materials must be submitted to JMAA for approval prior to publication.
  • Sponsorship/Advertisements must provide positive exposure and promotion of the JMAA brand and reputation that is consistent with JMAA’s Mission and Vision.
  • JMAA will not consider associations with or sponsorship and/or advertisement related to politics, religious affairs, extreme sports, unfair competition, content with nudity, explicit language, negative behavior, short lead time or where JMAA or its colleagues may have or be perceived to have a conflict of interest, themes damaging to the aviation industry, and controversial subject matters.


The organization requesting sponsorship/advertisement must submit a written report within thirty (30) business days following the event, or initial publication including: attendance at the event, or as appropriate, the number of printed materials distributed or visits/hits on electronic publication sites.

*Please note that only approved ads with an associated Purchase Order from the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority, proof of publication, and an associated invoice will be compensated.  Proof of publication and associated invoice may be mailed to:


Marketing and Communications Department

P.O. Box 98109

Jackson, MS 39298

Or email


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Request for Sponsorship

Please describe in detail, including all entities organizing, the event or activity in which JMAA is being requested to sponsor or participate.

Does the Community Activity or Event offer an opportunity for the Airport Leadership to educate the community about JMAA? If so, please describe how.

Please indicate the total amount of sponsorship funds requested.

Does the Community Activity or Event provide the opportunity for JMAA to advertise their participation (example: identified as a participating team)? If so, please indicate the total cost per participant or team.

Does the Community Activity or Event include the use of a portion of Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport or Hawkins Field Airport? If so please describe the requested use, and any associated services you are seeking from JMAA (personnel, facilities, materials, equipment, etc.)

Request for Advertisement

Has JMAA previously advertised with the requestor? If so, please specify when and how frequently.

Will JMAA be the only travel related entity advertised through the proposed media source? If not, please provide a list of the other travel related brands.

What level of visibility/exposure can JMAA expect from the requested advertisement?

What is the targeted audience for media source?

What is the proposed date of publication?

Explain how the mission of JMAA will be enhanced by implementing an advertisement through your media source?

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