Mississippi Air Cargo Logistics Center

Advantage Jackson


Mississippi Air Cargo Logistics Center at Work

The Mississippi Air Cargo Logistics Center provides the optimal location for air cargo and logistics management for companies doing business in the South Central United States of America.

The City of Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, is well located as a consolidation/distribution point for air cargo, truck and rail shipments generated by manufacturers and consumers in most major Midwest and Eastern USA and Canadian markets.

Strategically Located

strategicMapThe geography of the Jackson metropolitan area makes its location very advantageous to the logistical community. Metropolitan Jackson is strategically located in the center of the Southeastern United States and within 500 miles (805 kilometers) of approximately seventy-six major metropolitan areas that comprise over one-third of the United States population.

Jackson is also centrally located between the North and South American continents and is an ideal jumping off point for cargo service to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and Latin America.

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