The newly elected American Association of Airports Executives Chair, Carl D. Newman, A.A.E. and Chief Executive Officer of the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority was among key leadership and participants at the White House Conference on Infrastructure held earlier this month.  Along with AAAE President and CEO, Todd Hauptli and Melissa Sabatine, AAAE Senior Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, the meeting and panel discussion focused on infrastructure investment across various modes of transportation.


DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx presided over the session. In addition to the obvious need for greater infrastructure investment in the country, panelists discussed how policymakers must change the way they view future infrastructure initiatives in light of major demographic shifts and the way in which younger people interact with transportation systems, such as less car ownership and more ridesharing.


These shifts will impact the way airports plan for the future as well in terms of access roads, parking structures, autonomous vehicle usage and the like. The session was held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of DOT.


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