Military Presence

Headquarters Company 185th Theater Aviation Brigade
Mississippi Army National Guard


Transformation is “in the air” for the Aviation Community in the Mississippi Army National Guard. FY06 has seen the 1/185th Aviation Battalion transform from a General Support Aviation Battalion into an Air Assault Battalion. G Company, 185th Aviation was re-designated as B Company, 1/111th Aviation with six CH-47D aircraft assigned. The 185th Aviation Group became the 185th Theater Aviation Brigade on 1 September. In the attack community, Mississippi’s eight AH-64 Apachies will now belong to the 151st Aviation as C Company, which is currently deployed to Iraq. Mississippi will soon acquire 10 OH- 58Ds that will organize under C troop 1/230th Air Cavalry Squadron. Military2The Mississippi Reconnaissance and Air Interdiction (RAID) has transformed to C Company 1/114th Security and Services Battalion.

Mississippi’s Air Traffic Services unit, K Company 185th Aviation has now consolidated its assets in Southaven, Miss., and has been redesignated as an Airfield Operations Detachment. Mississippi also acquired two UH-1 aircraft, and mobilized nine crewmembers and medics. The new unit will handle MEDEVAC emergencies and forest fires at Camp Shelby. Deployments continue in Mississippi aviation as the eight AH-64s left for a train-up period at Ft. Hood with a follow-on assignment to Iraq. Select members of the 1/185 Avn Bn here deployed for a tour in Kosovo. Mississippi will also be deploying members of Company I, 185th Avn (C-23 Serpa unit) for a tour in Iraq. Training and equipping Mississippi’s aviation units has evolved to further increase the readiness of aviation during times of emergency. The 1/18tth Avn Bn has been working closely with military police units in conducting real-world exercises involving a Quick Reaction Force to deal with immediate emergency threats within the state. The lessons that were learned from Hurricane Katrina were evident in the Annual Training of aviation this year at Camp McCain. The units war-gamed possible hurricane scenarios and courses of action. New equipment such as hoists, water buckets, communications, and tracking systems are being fielded that will further improve aviation’s capability should another crisis occur. MISSISSIPPI NATIONAL GUARD ANNUAL REVIEW – FY 2006 

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